22-23 Pistons Uniforms

The Detroit Pistons will wear five on-court uniforms during the 2022-23 NBA season. Each uniform has been designed to tell the story of the franchise, constructed with intent and with a focus on toughness and blue-collar mentality different than any other team in the NBA. The jerseys have their own unique identities and just like the team on the court and the City of Detroit, each is “Different by Design.” All of the jerseys feature United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), the Pistons official jersey patch and exclusive mortgage partner, prominently on the jersey’s left front strap.


The Detroit Pistons Icon Edition jersey represents the franchise's rich heritage and iconic identity, expressed through the team's bold primary color blue with red and white accents.


The Detroit Pistons Association Edition jerseys are white-hot reminders of the organization’s championship pedigree.


The Return of the Teal jersey, represented by its own unique era in Detroit Pistons history, is as classic as it gets.


Worn during the “In It For My City” nights, the Detroit Pistons will wear the Statement jerseys featuring the Pistons first black jersey.


Designed in collaboration with Pistons Creative Director of Innovation Big Sean, the Pistons City Edition uniforms pay tribute to the gym at Saint Cecilia's.


Dawned during the club’s championship history, the Pistons’ Icon Edition jersey honors a rich basketball history unlike any other franchise.

Icon Merch

white illustration of Jersey
Pistons Logo


Expressed in white with lettering and numbers standing out in Pistons red and blue, the Association Edition is equally as renowned as the Icon Edition.

Association Merch


A replica of the road uniforms the Pistons donned from 1996-2001, the Pistons Classic Edition jersey is teal with black, yellow, and red trim on a teal jersey that features the famed flaming horsehead.

Classic Merch


The uniforms feature “DET” across the chest in white lettering, with blue and red stripes across the jersey which pay homage to the warmup up tops the Pistons wore during the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Statement Merch

City Edition

The uniforms are colored green, matching the gym’s historic logo, with white and blue stripes down the side. The quote inscribed on the court floor at The Saint — “Where stars are made, not born” — is featured on the anthem of the jersey, along with Big Sean's signature and a trio of stars on the jersey alludes to this message, while symbolizing the Pistons’ three NBA Championships. This jersey will be worn exclusively for the 2022-23 NBA season.

City Merch